Pasco eSchool Calendar 2018 – 2019

Pasco eSchool Calendar 2018 – 2019

Spring Semester Completion Dates 2019

Graduating Seniors

Unless otherwise different at your graduating school.  Please check with your school!

  • May 17  Graduating Seniors Assignments & DBAs Due
  • May 24  Graduating Seniors Final Exams Due

6-11 Grade Students and Non Graduating Seniors

  • May 17   Assignments & DBAs Due
  • May 24   Final Exams Due

K-5 Students

  •  All Assignments Due May 29

Virtual Great American Teach-In Collaboration

Did you attend a session of the 2018 Virtual Great American Teach – In?  Want to count your participation as a collaboration assignment?

Your attendance at a VGATI session may be counted as a collaboration until November 30th. Be sure to submit your form by that date to your teacher. You may only use 1 presenter per course.

Please complete this document and submit it to your teacher. Deadline to submit is November 30th.

PLEASE NOTE:  You may only use each session for ONE class collaboration.