Academic Intervention Services at Pasco eSchool

Pasco eSchool is committed to providing high-quality instruction and interventions designed to meet student needs using evidence-based practices.  To support this work, Pasco eSchool utilizes a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) framework, which includes the Response to Intervention (RTI) planning/problem-solving process. 

Tier 1 Core Instruction and Supports: Guaranteed, viable curriculum that is aligned to grade-level state standards.  High quality, research-based core instruction and supports based on Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles, designed and differentiated for all students in the virtual setting.

Tier 2 Supplemental Interventions and Supports:  Targeted instruction/intervention and supplemental supports in addition to, and aligned with, the core curriculum and instruction provided in the virtual setting for students whose mastery level indicates a need for additional support and/or monitoring.  Students receiving Tier 2 Supports receive more frequent check-ins with school staff, as well as strong encouragement to participate in academic assistance sessions.

Tier 3 Intensive Interventions and Supports:  The most intensive instruction and intervention based on the student’s individual needs provided in addition to, and aligned with, core and supplemental instruction and supports provided in the virtual setting.  Students receiving Tier 3 Supports receive more frequent check-ins with school staff, personalized pace charts, and required attendance for academic assistance sessions.

Pasco eSchool operates as a franchise of Florida Virtual School (FLVS) and adapts certain aspects of FLVS’s procedures to support its instructional delivery model.  This information has been adapted from FLVS’s instructional framework and includes additional strategies available to students residing in Pasco County.

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