Section 504 Plan Accommodations at Pasco eSchool

Federal law protects students with disabilities who attend public schools by requiring school districts to provide a free and appropriate public education to qualified students who may not be eligible for special education services and supports under IDEA, under Section 504. A student may be eligible under Section 504 if the student has:

  1. A physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities (major life activities can include, but not limited to: walking, seeing, speaking, breathing, hearing, being able to care for oneself, etc.); OR
  2. a record of such an impairment; OR
  3. is perceived by other people to have such an impairment

Pasco County Schools provides students who qualify for Section 504 the appropriate services and accommodations as needed.

Contact Information

·      Grades K-3:  Maria Jacobelli-Cuevas

·      Grades 4-6:  Rena Sadler

·      Grades 7-8:  Selina Reker

·      Grade 9:  Melissa Radle

·      Grade 10:  Susan Carr

·      Grade 11:  Christi Shaw

·      Grade 12:  Chris Dillinger