Gifted Services at Pasco eSchool

Pasco eSchool offers several curriculum options and programs that meet the needs of our gifted students, including opportunities for enrichment within and outside the core online course offerings, additional elective courses, acceleration, and instruction at a higher grade level in one or more subjects. At the secondary level, advanced and honors level coursework offer additional levels of challenge for our students. Pasco eSchool provides instructional options that allow for numerous opportunities to differentiate and deepen student learning. Pasco eSchool’s staff includes teachers who are specifically trained to be sensitive to the varying needs of gifted scholars. Our virtual school is designed to support individualization and differentiated instruction in response to their needs.
Students who have been found eligible for Gifted Education services, and therefore have an Educational Plan (EP), are assigned to a case manager who holds a certification in Gifted Education. The case manager works with the Gifted Resource Teacher to ensure that the services and goals on the student’s EP are reviewed, revised, and implemented using a consultation model. This consultation is between gifted resource teachers and general education teachers and addresses strategies that will enhance academic instruction and keep our students both challenged and motivated. Consultation service is provided for all gifted Pasco eSchool students on an “as needed” basis to allow for consistent monitoring and personalized planning to meet the needs of our online gifted learners.

When a student is found to be in need of “as-needed” gifted support, due to social-emotional or academic behaviors, the gifted resource teacher will communicate with the student’s teachers and support staff and may reach out to the student and family in an effort to provide needed assistance to address the behaviors which are inhibiting success. Through this service, the progress of all gifted students will be monitored quarterly through grades, and all parents or teachers are welcome to contact the gifted resource teacher at any time for assistance in addressing a concern that may impact a student’s success.

This may represent a change in service from the previous level of service and/or setting on the Educational Plan, through which the gifted resource teacher monitors progress by contacting one teacher each month or provides direct instruction in a self-contained physical classroom setting. We believe that this change of service is responsive to the level of need demonstrated by online learners and that they will continue to have an enriched academic experience through graduation.

Contact Information

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  • 9-12:  Fred Lorentsen (