School Policies

Drop / Withdrawal

Pasco eSchool sets high expectations for the success of its students. We are committed to meeting the needs of all students and will work tirelessly to facilitate student success. To ensure continuity of learning, students must submit assignments in their course on a weekly basis and maintain regular contact with their instructors.

  • Any student who does not make progress in the course for a period of 14 days and has not made prior arrangements with his/her instructor will be assigned to their zoned school’s Virtual Learning Lab (VLL) for support and progress monitoring.
  • The Virtual Learning Lab staff and school guidance counselor will work with the student, parent, and the course instructor to create a Success Plan for the student.
  • Failure to respond to the Virtual Learning Lab’s attempts to contact the student, or failure to adhere to the Success Plan created by the student and family may result in Administrative Removal from the course with a WF grade.

Student Agreement

Students are expected to agree to the following as part of the registration process. I acknowledge that during the first 28 days of being activated into my Pasco eSchool course I may drop the course without penalty. I understand that for each online course there are a minimum number of assignments that must be completed each week. Failure to submit the minimum number of assignments on a weekly basis will result in my removal from the course and may result in a failing grade being assigned to my academic transcript. If I drop the course after completing 50% of the class requirements and fail to take the final exam, Pasco eSchool will issue an “F” for my final grade. What happens if students decide that Pasco eSchool is not for them after they start? If a public school student withdraws from a virtual course, they must immediately enroll in another course at their traditional school site (if class size caps permit, and in accordance with the District’s Student Progression Plan). Students who cannot enter a course on a local school campus will be counseled to select another online course. Mandatory Contacts Monthly Calls (Contacts) Students are required to make contact with each course instructor monthly. This is an excellent opportunity to touch base and review pace and progress in the course. This contact is usually completed via phone call, but in some cases a text message, or email may suffice. A parent or guardian must be present and/or reply to an email/text message in order to complete the monthly call. DBA’s (Oral Assessments) DBAs (or Discussion Based Assessments) are conversations between the student and instructor. In order to have a great DBA experience, it is important that students are in a room without distractions or other people. The instructor will ask questions pertaining to the previous module. This is an opportunity for students to demonstrate a mastery of the module topics/concepts. *Guardians are not required to be present during a DBA, but may complete the monthly contact after completion of the DBA.

Academic Integrity

A Core Value Academic integrity may be defined as honesty and responsibility in completing coursework and activities. The purpose of our course assignments, activities, and assessments is to demonstrate the progression of learning toward mastery of state standards. Accordingly, all grades and work samples should reflect a student’s own effort and understanding. Academic Integrity: the Pasco eSchool Non-Negotiable Pasco eSchool uses a variety of tools and strategies to establish and safeguard dealing with the integrity, definitions, roles, and responsibilities of all parties associated with our online program. As a franchise of the Florida Virtual School (FLVS), many of Pasco eSchool’s academic integrity incidents are handled in accordance with FLVS’s matrix of integrity interventions. Please download and save this document for future reference. How is academic integrity maintained in online learning? Pasco eSchool and its curriculum providers take the subject of academic integrity seriously. Teachers use a variety of monitoring tools: 1. and Unicheck: These Internet tools compare student work against a variety of databases. Our learning management systems are integrated with or Vericite, and most work is automatically uploaded to the system. This database compares student work against work found on the Internet or assignments previously submitted by other students. 2. Academic Integrity Database: Florida Virtual School and Pasco eSchool maintain databases of student integrity incidents. These databases are used to monitor the number of student integrity issues, as well as identify trends in student behavior. Incidents in Pasco eSchool courses are logged within this database, as well. 3. Discussion Based Assessments: Each teacher regularly conducts discussion-based assessments with his or her students. These conversations occur at specific intervals as well as randomly in a course and are included in the assessment component of each course. The teacher discusses individual student work and extends the conversation to allow the student to demonstrate mastery of the content and to verify the authenticity of the student’s work. 4. Proctored Exams: All final exams will be proctored by a designated member of the school staff. In addition, teachers can request a scheduled proctored assessment at any time for a student. Reporting Procedure If you would like to report an academic integrity situation please call the following number or send an email to the address below. Please discuss as much of the following information as you are able: Student Name, Course Name, High School or County, Teacher Name, and situation. We appreciate you taking the time to report this situation and assisting Pasco eSchool with Academic Integrity. FLVS Academic Integrity Hotline: 407-513-3341 or 866-943-3050 (toll-free) Academic Integrity Email Address: W Withdrawn- No grade (No academic penalty) Note: Student must withdraw during the 28-day grace period to receive no penalty. W/F Student withdrew with unsatisfactory performance after the 28-day no-penalty grade period.

Report Card

Will my student receive a report card? Progress reports are sent monthly in an electronic format, although with a parent/guardian account, you will be able to monitor student progress anytime. Final grade reports are also issued within the Learning Management System, and grades are posted to the student’s academic history file in the district’s student information system. Hard copies of report cards will not reflect quarterly grades for virtual school courses.