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Live Lesson Login

These directions are for students who have previously logged in for the first time.  If you are logging in for the first time please follow these directions.

Note: before logging into Adobe Connect for your live lesson, Test your computer by clicking here. Install Adobe Connect Add-in for Windows or Macintosh/Apple Operating Systems.


You must enroll 24 hours before the Live Lesson.  

Not all Live Lessons are in the Main Live Lesson Room.  Please check the Live Lesson event on the calendar for more details on how to attend specific Live Lessons.  Live Lesson events can be found on the Elementary, Middle and High School pages. You will need to use the join code for each different room you wish to attend.  Below is an overview for the process.

Step 1


Log into http://pasco.instructure.comCanvas Login Screen

Enter your username (6-digit student ID) and password (district) Password contains: 5 letters (Capital first letter), 2 numbers, Punctuation mark, e.i: Happy01!

Click “Log in” to enter Canvas

If you forgot your password please contact your teacher

Step 2

Go to Courses and select the Live Lesson course you are attending.


Step 3

Once you have entered the course, click on Adobe Connect from the left menu.

Adobe Connect Screen shot






Important: You must connect your headphones before joining the session to avoid any problems with the audio.

Step 4

Click on the red “Join” button under Course Meetings to connect to the live lesson.

Join Arrow




Step 5

Allow Adobe Connect to Access your camera and microphone.

allow came and microphone





Enjoy your live lesson!