Advanced Placement, Cambridge, and Dual Enrollment Courses 

Advanced Placement ® (AP) Courses 

Pasco eSchool is committed to offering all students access to rigorous course work.  Research shows that students who enroll in Advanced Placement ® (AP) courses make the transition to college coursework more successfully as a result of the habits of mind that they practice and build through their experience.  Pasco eSchool offers AP courses to all students in the state of Florida who attend public or private schools. 

AP courses are college-level courses offered in high school. Courses reflect what is taught in introductory college courses. Students who earn a qualifying score on the College Board AP Exam are eligible to receive college credit and/or earn placement into advanced courses in college, according to the policies in place at each college or university. 

Advanced Placement (AP) courses are available during the fall and spring semesters. While most courses offer 10, 12, 16, and 18 week schedules, AP courses do not have a 10 or 12 week option. Due to the increased rigor and time requirements inherent in AP courses, students are strongly encouraged to work on either the 16 or 18 week schedule and plan to complete all coursework by Spring Break in order to prepare for the Advanced Placement testing window in May of each year. 

AP Exams are ordered by the student’s local physical school and are taken at that location.  Students will receive instructions for requesting the exam order from their Pasco eSchool instructor.  As required by district policies, students enrolled in Advanced Placement courses are required to sit for the corresponding AP Exam each Spring.   


Cambridge ® (AICE) Courses 

In support of our district’s efforts to expand access to rigorous courses that prepare our students for future success in college or careers, Pasco eSchool will offer its first Cambridge ® (AICE) course, AS Level General Paper for all juniors, and interested seniors.  This course offers students the opportunity to qualify for college credit by demonstrating mastery of assessments required by Cambridge International.