About Pasco eSchool

In August 2009, the District School Board of Pasco County launched an exciting opportunity for students residing in Pasco County by opening Pasco eSchool.  This progressive choice program has since provided expanded educational services to a wider student community for anywhere, anytime learning.  Virtual schooling meets the demands of today’s digital learners through individualized instruction that moves beyond four walls and a clock.


Expanding access for all Pasco County students to rigorous, relevant curriculum that incorporates skills and knowledge students need to succeed in the 21st Century.



  • Providing a high quality standards-based curriculum that provides rigorous opportunities to complete meaningful assignments that include cutting-edge technology, learning that takes place in the form of our everyday lives, and ongoing learning. Parents and students take an active role in learning and identifying learning goals. 
  • Providing inquiry-based, interactive instruction which allows opportunities for students to make individual choices, collaborate, problem solve, and make connections between content using a variety of authentic, literary, hands-on, and informational resources.
  • Engaging all stakeholders (student, parent, teacher) in ongoing conversations about student performance based on evidence collected from multiple measures and compared with a scale that illustrates the progression of learning.




Dream more, learn more, do more!

School Colors

Black and Silver

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