Pasco eSchool High School Course List

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Language Arts

English 1 H
English 2 H
English 3 H
English 4 H
English 4: College Prep
AP English Language
AP English Literature


Algebra 1 H
Algebra 2 H
Calculus Honors H
Geometry H
Liberal Arts Math 1
Liberal Arts Math 2
Math for College Readiness
Pre-Calculus Honors H
Probability & Statistics H
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC
AP Statistics


Anatomy & Physiology H
Astronomy Honors H C
Biology H
Chemistry H
Earth/Space Science H
Environmental Science Summer 2021
Forensic Science
Marine Science H
Meteorology H
Physics H
AP Biology
Ap Environmental Science

Social Studies

Economics w/Financial Literacy H S
US Government H S
US History H
World History H
AP US Government & Politics S
AP US History
AP World History C

Physical Education

Fitness Lifestyle & Design S
Outdoor Education S
Personal Fitness S

World Languages

American Sign Language 1 C
American Sign Language 2 C
American Sign Language 3 C
French 1
French 2
French 3 H C
German 1 C
German 2 C
German 3 H C
Italian 1 C
Italian 2 C
Latin 1
Latin 2
Latin 3 H
Spanish 1
Spanish 2
Spanish 3 H
Spanish 4 H
AP French C
AP German C
AP Spanish Language C
AP Spanish Literature C

Career & Technical Education

Agriscience Foundations H
Business Coop Education (BCE) C
Computer & Network Security Fundamentals H
Crime Scene Tech 1C
Criminal Justice 1 C
Criminal Justice 2 C
Criminal Justice 3 C
Culinary Arts 1 C
Culinary Arts 4 C
Digital Information Technology A
Diversified Career Tech (DCT) C
Early Childhood Education C
Forensic Science C
Forestry & Natural Resources C
Foundations of Programming H
Health Science Foundations C
Hospitality & Tourism 1 C
Hospitality & Tourism 2 C
Nutrition and Wellness C S
On the Job Training (OJT) C
Orientation to Career Clusters S
Principles of Public Service C S
Procedural Programming H
Public Safety (911) must be a senior C
Speech C
Sport, Rec & Enter Marketing C H A


Anthropology C S
AP Computer Science
AP European History C
AP Human Geography
AP Psychology
Art History & Criticism H A
Art in World Cultures C S A
Career Research S
Creative Photography C A
Critical Thinking S
Driver Education S
Guitar A
Health/Life Management Skills S
History of the Holocaust C S
Journalism 1 A
Law Studies C S
Leadership Skills Development
Leadership Skills Techniques C
Music of the World C A
Parenting Skills C S
Peer Counseling 1 S
Peer Counseling 2 S
Personal Financial Literacy H S
Philosophy C S
Psychology 1 S
Psychology 2 C S
Reading for College Success S
Social Media S
Sociology C S
Speech 1 C
Theater Cinema & Film Production C A
World Religions C S

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Course Descriptions

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The PE graduation requirement can be met with one of the following: HOPE segment 1 & 2
Personal Fitness & Fitness Lifestyle Design
Personal Fitness & Outdoor Education
Personal Fitness & an on-campus PE or ROTC, Band or Dance Waiver


H – Honors Available 

C – Canvas Platform 

S – Semester Course

A – Meets Art Requirement