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Public Safety Telecommunication   (#9101000) 

Can you answer the call? This course is designed to prepare students for certification as a 911 call taker/dispatcher.

This course has no prerequisites.

You do not need to take Criminal Justice Operations 1-3. It is recommended to take these first three Criminal Justice Operations courses for a good background, but it is not required.

Things you need to know about this course:

  • This course is open to seniors only, OR to juniors who will turn 18 during the school year, OR to students who plan to graduate early and will turn 18 during the school year or within 3 months after graduating high school. The reason for the grade level and age requirements is that the curriculum changes every 3 years and it would not be beneficial to other grade levels to take this course until either their junior or senior year. You will need to be able to sit for the Florida DOH PST exam at the conclusion of the course.
  • There is a required 232 hours of class time.
  • We will meet this 232 hour requirement with course content, assessments, etc. in Canvas, field trips to our office location to complete 911 simulator training, virtual weekly check-ins/live lessons with the instructor and shadowing at a 911 communication center.
  • There are dis-qualifiers for this course. Your instructor will go over these with you and make sure you qualify to take the course and sit for the industry certification test offered by the Florida Department of Health.
  • When you click register on the Pasco eSchool website, you will be taken to a pre-registration form to move into the first step of the process of being registered for the course.
  • The pre-registration process will consist of a local law enforcement background check, going over a list of dis-qualifiers with the instructor.
  • Students and parent/guardian must attend an orientation at the Pasco County Communications center with their instructor.
  • IF you are out of county, we will arrange for you to attend orientation virtually.

Successful completion of the course will then qualify the student to sit for the Florida Department of Health Public Safety Telecommunication certification test. Once you pass this test, you are certified to work and be hired in a communication center.

The following Criminal Justice Operations can be taken separately, or in progression if a student plans to take Criminal Justice Operations 4. It is REQUIRED that a student take Criminal Justice Operations 1, Criminal Justice Operations 2, and Criminal Justice Operations 3 to qualify to enroll for Criminal Justice Operations 4-Track 2-Legal.

Criminal Justice Operations 1 (#8918010) 

Students will learn introductory information in this course as you explore different fields and areas of criminal justice and law.

Criminal Justice Operations 2 (#8918020)

This course will take students on an exciting adventure into patrol duties, how to write a police report, learning and applying defensive tactics, and so much more! This course is packed with a lot of interactive activities and students will learn exactly what recruits learn in police academies in Florida.

Criminal Justice Operations 3  (#8918030)

Internet cyber crime

This course focuses on different types of crimes that are committed. There is a heavy focus on forensics and will also take the student further into investigations. Students will also learn the importance of communicating in the community, diverse populations and will learn about entrepreneurship in criminal justice. During this course, students will compile a major case file and investigate an offender assigned to them.

Criminal Justice Operations 4-Track 2: Legal Assistant (#8918040)

Students who successfully complete CJ 1-3 can then select a track in CJ 4 can graduate with an industry certification.

Students who successfully complete this track can then sit for the NALs ALP (Accredited Legal Professional) test. Upon high school graduation and passing of the NALS ALP test, the student will have the requirements to be hired in a law office as an ALP.

This course focuses on many aspects of the law office and legal system.

Things you need to know about this course:

  • Students will gain hands on experience by constructing legal documents.
  • Student will complete an internship in a law office.
  • This course includes use of a law textbook-you will be provided a free textbook that has to be returned and can not be highlighted or marked up, OR you can purchase a textbook to keep. Your instructor will provide more information.
  • Students will be provided a student study guide to keep.
  • Students will receive information on how to obtain these books when they register for the course.

From the NALS website:

The ALP® is a four-hour, three-part exam, designed for students and entry-level professionals looking to get their foot in the door of the legal profession. It is often used as an exit exam for legal studies programs, and serves as a great way to compliment what has been learned in the classroom.  Attaining this goal demonstrates commitment and aptitude for succeeding in the ever-changing legal environment, and provides an opportunity to begin your career a rung above the competition.

  • When you click register on the Pasco eSchool website, you will be taken to a pre-registration form to move into the first step of the process of being registered for the course.
  • The pre-registration process will consist of a local law enforcement background check and verifying that students have the prerequisites of Criminal Justice Operations 1,  Criminal Justice Operations 2 and Criminal Justice Operations 3.

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