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Let's go to the movies


Submission to the festival can be used to fulfill Any 1 Collaboration Assignment

All content should be your own works, or with permission of the artist, this includes music. Royalty-free music is highly encouraged.

All submissions must be School Appropriate

Submission Categories

Short Film – Share your narrative stories. All forms of narrative films are accepted. Bring on the characters and conflicts! – 10 minutes or less.

Documentary Short Film – Share your documentary stories. All forms of documentary films are accepted. Find your subject, document it, and submit! – 10 minutes or less.

Super Short Film – Who says you can’t share a story in a minute or less? Not us. And certainly not your generation. Make every second count in this modern-day movement toward less is more. All story forms and concepts are accepted. – 1 minute or less.

PSA – Complete a PSA using 1 of these theme options 1. You Matter! 2. You Mean Something! 3. Go Be Kind! – 3 minutes or less.

Teacher Appreciation Film – Because we all know teachers deserve to be thanked all year long this category is specifically for students that want to share how they feel about their teachers. Pick one or all and tell us how you feel in a creative appreciation film. (Every Submission in this category will win an award) – 10 minutes or less.

Screenplay – Open to any narrative short script in all genres 5 to 40 pages in length.


Submission to the festival can be used to fulfill Any 1 Collaboration Assignment

Deadline for Submission Friday, April 3st, 2022

Official Selections Announced Friday, April 15th, 2022

Virtual Screenings TBD

Virtual Award Show Friday, May 6th, 2022

Award Catagories

Award Categories – Golden Ninja Goes to…..

  1. Best Short Film
  2. Best Documentary Short film
  3. Best Super Short Film
  4. Best PSA
  5. Best Teacher Appreciation Film
  6. Best Screenplay
  7. Audience Award
  8. Best Actor
  9. Best Actress
  10. Best Director
  11. Best Cinematography
  12. Best Editor
  13. Best Score
  14. Best Costume
  15. Best Make up