Already a Pasco Student?

Start Your Full-time Registration Process Here

  1. Login to the Parent Portal (where report cards appear) If you don’t already have an account you can register for a new account or add another student using the links on the page.
  2. Click your child’s picture on the left-hand side
  3. On the left side under the child’s picture click Forms Summary
  4.  In the center click Full-Time Pasco eSchool Inquiry

New to Pasco or starting Kindergarten?

Start Your Full-time Process Here

Please complete this Kindergarten registration form.  Please select Pasco eSchool for question one. Once your registration has been approved, you will be sent a link and password with additional registration forms to complete.  See the flyer for additional Kindergarten Information.

Grades 1-5

  1. Please go to the Parent Portal.
  2. Click to register a new account.
  3. Click the orange button stating that you do not have an account.
  4. Complete the registration process.

Looking for Part-time Registration?

If you are not registering to become a full-time student, please return to the registration page.


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Create A Parent Portal Handout.docx

Parent Portal URL

Parents also have the emergency card support directions linked at the bottom of the parent portal entrance.