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Pasco eSchool Earns All A’s!

We are pleased to announce that Pasco eSchool Elementary, Middle and High have all earned an "A" rating! This is a wonderful...


Elementary Vision    Planning a standards-based curriculum that would provide rigorous opportunities to complete meaningful...

About Pasco eSchool Elementary

Founded in 2012, the Elementary level for Pasco eSchool was created out of a love of providing a rich educational experience to students, parents, and all stakeholders involved in a child’s learning path. Looking to learn more about who we are and what we stand for? 


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Our Courses

Pasco eSchool Elementary is a part of the Pasco School District, and our courses are designed to align with what students are receiving in a bricks and mortar classroom, albeit with some unique twists that an online environment can provide. For more information about the courses we offer. 



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