High School Courses

Our Pasco eSchool franchise serves high school students and is open to Pasco County residents in 9th-12th grades. Students may enroll as part-time or full-time participants in this program. Public school, private school, charter school, home education students and students new to Pasco County are eligible to apply. Full time eSchool students are required to take six courses.  Please note that out-of-county students, must use this form to register.

Most high school courses can be taken for honors credit. During the registration process, you will be able to select the regular or honors version of the desired course, if it is available.

High School Course Catalog

The course catalog below is listed by subject.  You can search for a course using the search box in the upper right corner of the catalog or sort courses by name or other associated information using the up and down arrows in the top row of the courses table.

Art in World CulturesArt0.5CanvasFine ArtRegister Now
Art History & Criticism (H)Art1.0EducatorFine ArtRegister Now
Creative PhotographyArt1.0EducatorFine ArtRegister Now
Business Software Applications 1Career and Technical Education1.0EducatorRegister Now
Business Software Applications 2Career and Technical Education1.0EducatorRegister Now
AP Computer Science ACareer and Technical Education1.0EducatorAPRegister Now
Computing for College/CareersCareer and Technical Education1.0CanvasFine ArtRegister Now
Criminal Justice OperationCareer and Technical Education1.0EducatorRegister Now
Diversified Career Technology 1, 2 & 3Career and Technical Education1.0Canvas Register Now
Early Childhood EducationCareer and Technical Education1.0EducatorRegister Now
Digital Design 1Career and Technical Education1.0EducatorRegister Now
Digital Media/Multimedia Foundations 1Career and Technical Education1.0EducatorRegister Now
Foundations of Web DesignCareer and Technical Education1.0EducatorFine ArtRegister Now
Introduction to Information TechnologyCareer and Technical Education1.0EducatorFine ArtRegister Now
OJT - Cooperative Diversified EducationCareer and Technical Education1.0Canvas Register Now
Personal & Family FinanceCareer and Technical Education0.5Educator Register Now
Sports, Recreation & Entertainment Marketing ManagementCareer and Technical Education1.0EducatorRegister Now
User Interface DesignCareer and Technical Education1.0EducatorFine ArtRegister Now
Theater, Cinema and Film ProductionDrama/Theater Arts1.0EducatorFine ArtRegister Now
Career Research and Decision MakingElective0.5EducatorRegister Now
Peer CounselingElective0.5EducatorRegister Now
AP Language & CompsitionEnglish1.0EducatorAPRegister Now
AP Literature & CompositionEnglish1.0EducatorAPRegister Now
Creative WritingEnglish0.5Canvas Register Now
Creative Writing 2English0.5Canvas Register Now
English I (H)English1.0Educator Register Now
English II (H)English1.0Educator Register Now
English III (H)English1.0Educator Register Now
English IV (H)English1.0Educator Register Now
English IV: Florida College PrepEnglish1.0Educator Register Now
Journalism IEnglish1.0EducatorFine ArtRegister Now
Reading for College SuccessEnglish0.5Educator Register Now
Social MediaEnglish0.5Educator Register Now
SpeechEnglish1.0EducatorFine ArtRegister Now
Fitness Lifestyle DesignHealth and Physical Education0.5Educator Register Now
Health Opportunities Through Physical Education – HOPEHealth and Physical Education1.0Educator Register Now
Life Management SkillsHealth and Physical Education0.5Educator Register Now
Personal FitnessHealth and Physical Education0.5Educator Register Now
Outdoor EducationHealth and Physical Education0.5Educator Register Now
Parenting SkillsHuman Services0.5Educator Register Now
Leadership Skills DevelopmentLeadership Skills Development1.0Educator Register Now
AP Calculus ABMathematics1.0EducatorAPRegister Now
AP Calculus BCMathematics1.0EducatorAPRegister Now
AP StatisticsMathematics1.0EducatorAPRegister Now
Advanced Algebra w/ Financial ApplicationsMathematics1.0Educator Register Now
Algebra I (H)Mathematics1.0Educator Register Now
Algebra II (H)Mathematics1.0Educator Register Now
CalculusMathematics1.0Educator Register Now
Geometry (H)Mathematics1.0Educator Register Now
Mathematics for College ReadinessMathematics1.0Educator Register Now
Pre-CalculusMathematics1.0Educator Register Now
GuitarMusic1.0EducatorFine ArtRegister Now
Music of the WorldMusic1.0EducatorFine ArtRegister Now
Driver’s EducationSafety and Driver's Education0.5EducatorRegister Now
Anatomy & PhysiologyScience1.0Register Now
AstronomyScience1.0Canvas Register Now
Biology I (H)Science1.0Educator Register Now
AP BiologyScience1.0EducatorAPRegister Now
AP Environmental ScienceScience1.0EducatorAPRegister Now
Chemistry I (H)Science1.0Educator Register Now
Earth-Space Science (H)Science1.0Educator Register Now
Marine Science (H)Science1.0Educator Register Now
Physical Science (H)Science1.0Educator Register Now
Physics (H)Science1.0Educator Register Now
Forensic ScienceScience Elective1.0Educator Register Now
AnthropologySocial Studies0.5Canvas Register Now
AP Government (H)Social Studies0.5EducatorAPRegister Now
AP Human GeographySocial Studies1.0EducatorAPRegister Now
AP PsychologySocial Studies1.0EducatorAPRegister Now
Economics with Financial Literacy (H)Social Studies0.5Educator Register Now
History of the HolocaustSocial Studies0.5Canvas Register Now
Introduction to Social ScienceSocial Studies1.0CanvasAvailable after September 1stRegister Now
Law StudiesSocial Studies0.5Educator Register Now
PhilosophySocial Studies0.5Canvas Register Now
Psychology ISocial Studies0.5Educator Register Now
Psychology IISocial Studies0.5Canvas Register Now
SociologySocial Studies0.5Canvas Register Now
World History (H)Social Studies1.0Educator Register Now
World ReligionsSocial Studies0.5Canvas Register Now
U.S. Government (H)Social Studies0.5Educator Register Now
U.S. History (H)Social Studies1.0Educator Register Now
AP GermanWorld Languages1.0CanvasAPRegister Now
AP Spanish LanguageWorld Languages1.0CanvasAPRegister Now
American Sign Language IWorld Languages1.0Canvas Register Now
American Sign Language IIWorld Languages1.0Canvas Register Now
American Sign Language IIIWorld Languages1.0Canvas Register Now
French IWorld Languages1.0Educator Register Now
French IIWorld Languages1.0Educator Register Now
French IIIWorld Languages1.0CanvasRegister Now
French IVWorld Languages1.0CanvasRegister Now
German IWorld Languages1.0Canvas Register Now
German IIWorld Languages1.0Canvas Register Now
German IIIWorld Languages1.0Canvas Register Now
German IVWorld Languages1.0Canvas Register Now
Latin IWorld Languages1.0Educator Register Now
Latin IIWorld Languages1.0Educator Register Now
Latin IIIWorld Languages1.0EducatorRegister Now
Spanish IWorld Languages1.0Educator Register Now
Spanish IIWorld Languages1.0Educator Register Now
Spanish III HonorsWorld Languages1.0CanvasRegister Now
Spanish IV HonorsWorld Languages1.0CanvasRegister Now
Spanish for Spanish Speakers IWorld Languages1.0Educator Register Now
  • (H) indicates an honors option is available.
  • Fine Art indicates that the course meets the fine art requirement.